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Data Quality
Dinvest provides highly accurate and comprehensive data. They not only track transactions and fund flows but also tag thousands of wallet addresses, providing users with deep insights into fund flows and transaction behavior.


Compared to other broad blockchain analytics tools, Dinvest focuses more on the needs of cryptocurrency investors and traders. Their tools and analysis are specifically designed to capture insights from the DeFi and NFT markets.


Dinvest's interface is very intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and experienced traders to quickly access the information they need.


Customer Support
Dinvest provides excellent customer support, with their team responding quickly and comprehensively to user questions and feedback.


Continuous Updates
Dinvest regularly introduces new features and tools to meet the evolving needs of users, ensuring they always have access to the latest market data and analysis tools.


Educational Resources
In addition to data and tools, Dinvest also offers a wealth of educational resources to help users better understand market dynamics and investment strategies.


Community Reputation
In the cryptocurrency community, Dinvest has built a strong reputation. Many advanced traders and analysts frequently reference their data and analysis.

The Core of

Blockchain Data


Daily Data Analysis


BNB/ETH/ABR Wallet Address Analysis


Smart Contract Address Analysis


DEFI Assets

Dinvest Market

Analysis Feature

Crypto Market Summary:

This feature provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the entire cryptocurrency market. It includes the overall market valuation, price movements of major cryptocurrencies, trading volumes, performance of market leaders, and recent market trends these play a crucial role in influencing market dynamics. This feature is especially useful for investors who wish to quickly understand the market situation.

Token Analysis:

The Token Analysis feature is designed to offer detailed insights into specific cryptocurrency tokens. It includes information on the token's market performance, trading volume, market capitalization. This information is vital for assessing the potential of the token and making informed investment decisions.

Cryptocurrency News:

This feature delivers the latest cryptocurrency news, market analysis, and trend predictions to users. It aggregates information from various major news sources, encompassing market movements, technological innovations, regulatory changes, and real-time updates on significant events. This helps investors stay informed about the rapidly evolving crypto market, providing essential information for their trading decisions.

NFT Market:

This feature covers a variety of NFTs including art, collectibles, and other digital assets, offering real-time market data, pricing trends, and rankings of popular NFTs. Additionally, users can learn about the artists' backgrounds and their creative journeys, making it an ideal destination for NFT enthusiasts.

Asset Holder:

This feature offers a detailed view of all holders of a specific asset. It tracks and analyzes the distribution of holders, their holdings, and their activities in the market. This is incredibly useful for understanding market distribution, identifying key influencers, and assessing market concentration.

Fear and Greed Index:

This index serves as a tool to measure market sentiment, reflecting the levels of fear and greed among investors. It is typically calculated using a combination of various market data, including market momentum, trading volumes, social media sentiments, etc. The high and low points of the index can help investors gauge whether the market is in a state of excessive greed (which might signal a selling opportunity) or extreme fear (which might indicate a buying opportunity).

Centralized Exchange Analysis:

This feature provides an in-depth analysis of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. It covers aspects such as trading volume, variety of assets, user activity, security assessments, and the market position of the exchanges. This analysis is crucial for investors to choose an exchange that suits their needs, understand market trends, and assess trading risks.

Whale Analysis:

This function focuses on monitoring and analyzing the activities of large holders, or 'whales', in the cryptocurrency market. It tracks the trading activities of these major players, including their buy and sell actions, and how they affect market prices and trends. This analysis helps investors understand the forces behind the market, enabling them to make more informed trading decisions.

Swap Analysis:

This feature primarily analyzes exchange patterns in cryptocurrency transactions. It tracks the swap behavior between various tokens, identifying market trends and fluctuations in trading volumes. By delving into these transaction data, investors can gain a better understanding of market dynamics and make more informed investment decisions.

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Subscribers and Counting

John H.

"Dinvest has been a game-changer for my blockchain investments. Their data analytics tools provide invaluable insights, helping me make informed decisions. Highly recommended!"

Sarah M.

"I've tried several blockchain analytics platforms, and Dinvest is by far the most user-friendly. The intuitive interface and comprehensive data make it my go-to resource for tracking my crypto portfolio."

Michael T.

"As a crypto enthusiast, I rely on Dinvest to stay ahead in this fast-paced market. Their real-time data and predictive analysis have helped me spot trends and maximize my profits. Thanks, Dinvest!"

Emily R.

"Dinvest's data accuracy is unmatched. I trust their analytics to monitor my investments and ensure the security of my assets. It's a must-have for anyone in the crypto space."

Lisa K.

"Dinvest simplifies complex blockchain data into actionable insights. It's perfect for both beginners and experienced traders. Their customer support is top-notch too!"

Robert G.

"I was hesitant about investing in cryptocurrencies until I found Dinvest. Their analytics gave me the confidence to start, and I've seen significant returns on my investments. Thank you, Dinvest!"

Samantha L.

"Dinvest is a must-have tool for anyone serious about crypto. It not only helps with investment decisions but also keeps me informed about the latest market trends. It's like having a personal crypto advisor."

Daniel B.

"Dinvest's data-driven approach sets it apart from other analytics platforms. The ability to customize alerts and notifications is a game-changer for managing my crypto assets effectively."

Natalie S.

"Dinvest is the backbone of my crypto strategy. It's a comprehensive platform that covers everything from portfolio tracking to market insights. I couldn't ask for a better resource!"

Alex B.

"Dinvest's comprehensive reports and visualizations have made it easy for me to present my blockchain investment portfolio to potential clients. It adds a professional touch to my business."

Emma R.

"Dinvest's customer support team is fantastic! They are always responsive and ready to assist with any questions or issues. It's a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team."

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Dinvest is a platform for blockchain analysis, enhancing on-chain data with millions of wallet identifiers. Crypto enthusiasts utilize Dinvest to uncover potential investment prospects, conduct thorough research, and safeguard their portfolios through our live dashboards and alert system.Dinvest, with a decade of expertise in AI data research, has pioneered cutting-edge analytical technologies. Established in 2020, our platform is dedicated to benefiting users worldwide.

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In the intricate landscape of digital currency markets, Dinvest stands as a beacon, illuminating your investment journey through cutting-edge data analysis technology. We empower your asset investment portfolio.

Comprehensive Analysis Management Options

We offer 3 packages to meet the needs of different levels of investors.

Basic Package

What is included?

250M+ labeled addresses across 3 blockchains

Custom labels of top performing investors

Industry-leading analytics on tokens, NFT, DeFi, chains, and others

Powerful workflow tools: build your own watchlist and 10 on-chain alerts

Advanced Package

What is included?

Premium research reports based on Dinvest's proprietary data

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

100 Smart Alerts to track on-chain activity in

Advanced Filters

CSV downloads

Early access to new analytics tools and insights

Premium Package

Everything in VIP, plus

Join our private community and network with crypto OGs

Direct access to Dinvest’s professional research analysts

Exclusive Alpha-only insights, content and events

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Whether you are a novice or an experienced digital currency investor, we provide training on market dynamics, investment strategies, and technical analysis to efficiently oversee your digital asset ecosystem from one central access point.

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